Our Story

Phil (after a 25-year career in the sport/event marketing business) and Barbara (a former advertising art director and current Art Educator and native New Yorker), both "foodies", have set out to educate all who will listen about the joys of natural food, the environmental benefits of sustainable agriculture and health advantages inherent in eating organic produce, natural, grass-fed beef and eggs from pasture-raised hens.

This is the farm's fourth year of production, via the West End and Tribeca CSAs in New York City, the Gowanus/Park Slope CSA in Brooklyn, the Center City CSA in Philadelphia and our on-farm pick-up, for our neighbors in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. We look forward to our continuing stewardship of the farm. Our goal is to foster a real revolution in our food - how we raise it, how we eat it, how we maintain the land and how it all contributes to a closer, supportive, more holistic community.

Barbara & Phil

Sean Huie

A native of Berks County, Pennsylvania, and a 2000 graduate of Penn State's Agricultural Sciences Department (with a B.Sc. in Horticulture) Sean has been growing and selling award winning vegetables for most of his adult life. He brings to Bare Foot Organics over a decade of farming experience (most recently as Plant Nutritionist/Field Manager for the Risser-Marvel Farm in Annville, PA) a passion for the concept of organic growing, a dedication to sustainability and honest stewardship of the land and a holistic approach to the entire project. With a grounded appreciation for the challenges of farming, generally, and organic farming, in particular and many contacts within the industry, Sean is an integral member of the farm's management team.