CSA Membership-Policies

To become a shareholder in the Bare Foot Organics CSA, please read all the trailing information. These details, hopefully, will keep the CSA running smoothly and will offer much more flexible payment and delivery options then we’ve been able to offer in the past.

Our weekly deliveries will still occur during a 21-week period, from on or about mid-June, through late October/early November. Final dates for a subsequent season will always be confirmed in May. Bare Foot Organics @ Greystone Farm agrees to supply you, the shareholder/member, with certified organic vegetables and ‘low spray/IPM (integrated pest management) fruit, in quantities sufficient to feed an average family of four (4), including two (2) adults and two (2) children for a full share box and two (2) adults, or one (1) adult/two (2) children, for a medium-share box. A share box consists of 6-9 items.

Signing Up

When you register with Bare Foot Organics (BFO), a secure, online shareholder/member profile is created for you with your share options, your pick-up/drop-off/delivery location, and your account activity. You can view and edit your account, change your pick up location, add delivery, credit card info, or password and even place a vacation or suspension hold just by signing in to your account.


To better accommodate our shareholder/members for our CSA program, we have selected a web-based software program, called Farmigo. Farmigo’s well-researched and tested system, manages the ‘back end’ financial interactions between our shareholder/members and our farm and, as a result, BFO subscribers will have online access to their own accounts, with the exceptions of changing email addresses or requesting vacations. We do not store any of your personal or financial information on our website, as it is instead secured by Farmigo, via a third-party company called Authorize.net.

We encourage you to select the option to pay with ‘electronic check transfer’, as it offers a reduced processing fee for both BFO and you. Besides payment via check, you will also have the option to pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit or debit card.

Another positive change is that ‘having a balance’ with BFO means the opposite of what it did under our old system. Beginning with deposits, now being accepted for the 2015 season, your investment will provide a ‘line of credit’ towards the purchase of your weekly share box, as well as the option throughout the year, to purchase incremental ‘retail’ items such as prime cuts of grass-fed beef, organic chicken, fresh yogurt and weekly/monthly specials that can be included in your weekly order. The cost of your share and any incremental orders, will be deducted from your ‘line of credit’ each delivery week.

Initial billing will be upon sign-up, it’s automatic and subsequent statements will follow via email.

Picking up your order

Please remember to pick up your order or have a friend or family member do so. When you pick up at your selected location, check in with the front desk and/or host site representative and they will tell you where to go. Every location has a different distribution method, but ALL will have a sign-in sheet with your name, share size and rudimentary contact details. Please sign next to your name. We ask our members to do this so you can be sure you are on the list and that your box is being picked-up by the right individual.

Missing Your Pick Up at a designated pick up/drop off location

If you miss your pick up, please contact us immediately at info@barefootorganics.us or call 917-854-8200, to let us know what time you can pick up your box. Our pick up/drop off sites are our partners in distribution and they have agreed to hold your box until at least noon the next day. If they do not hear from you and you forget, or are not able to pick up your box, it will be donated to an interested party or facility, in your name. We’re sorry but we cannot give a credit for boxes that are not picked up; but don’t worry, the produce will not go to waste.

Referral Credit and Vacations

If you can’t pick up your box on a given week, why not tell a friend to pick up your box while you’re gone. If they eventually sign up with us, we will give you a $20 referral credit. Ask your friend to e-mail the office at info@barefootorganics.us when they join, so ew can thank you.

Delaying/Temporarily Suspending Your Service for vacation, or work related disruptions

If you’re going on a longer vacation, or work related travel, you will only be charged $8 for a Medium share box, or $15 for a Full share box, for the weeks you miss. Why be charged at all? Even though you’re not around, we still have planned for and planted produce for you that will now have no destination. We need a full 7 day advance notice for vacation credits.

To suspend service, you will need to log onto your account. Please do this before midnight on Sunday for the coming week. Your ‘line of credit’ will not be charged while your delivery is on hold. For emergencies, call Phil at 917-854-8200 or e-mail info@barefootorganics.us.

If you are on the Fresh Connections Delivery Circuit

If you are one of the New York City based shareholder/members, using the convenience of The Fresh Connection and you have to temporarily suspend your service, you will only be charged $8 for a Medium share box, or $15 for a Full share box, and your delivery fee will be waived for any missed week.

Changing Your Pick Up Location

If you want to change your pick up location, please do so 7 days before your pick up day. If you switch and then want to switch back, you’ll need to log into your account again to do so.


BFO communicates with shareholder/members via email, on a regular basis, to inform you of a payment or to remind you of a scheduled pick up. Sometimes we will need to send out alerts about your order or inform you about happenings on our farm. By becoming a member of our CSA, you are agreeing to open and read all e-mail communications as soon as you see them since much of the information distributed is time sensitive.

Holiday Changes

We will give you plenty of notice about holiday date changes.

Returning Your Box

Please return your empty share box, every time you pick up a full one. Treated with TLC (tender loving care) we can use the boxes 5-6 times, saving us all money and ensuring less cardboard destined for the landfill. All pick-up/drop-off locations hold the boxes for us and the Fresh Connection driver will also accept your return. Please keep the plastic liner and we will replace it with a new, clean liner. This addresses our strict food safety requirements.

Privacy Policy

We do not sell, rent or give our email list, customer list or any personal /financial information to anyone. EVER!


There are no refunds, but we will be happy to give you a credit, for any product or order that does not meet our mutual standards.

Our Guarantee

Bare Foot Organics guarantees our produce for quality and freshness, and we pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service. If for any reason, you are not happy, please contact Phil, at 917-854-8200 or phil@barefootorganics.us.

Our mission statement is “Provide the finest organic vegetables, grass-fed beef and value-added products possible through sustainable, environmentally friendly farming practices, honest/holistic stewardship of the land, and whole-farm decision making processes. Our goal is to exceed your expectations each and every week.

New Shareholders/Member

We strongly urge you to read through the following, to fully understand the premise behind our CSA program. Although we haven’t answered everything here, please review the basics and our philosophy on why we do what we do!

  • Community Supported Agriculture is also a great way to lower your individual 'carbon footprint' and contribute to the sustainable farm movement. Besides the health benefits (personally/for your region/for the country/for the planet) there is the reality of actually making a difference in the world!!

    • If we're going to collectively make a difference in the battle against global warming, it is going to begin with one individual and one farm at a time.

    • The food choices we make as a society is a "vote" on how we spend our food dollars and what we spend it on. Participating in a CSA is a statement for better quality food and against the status quo!

  • Once one has embraced the premise in point #1, it's as simple as paying an up front fee for a full-share (a 1.9 bushel container, feeds approx. 2 adults/2 children) or a half-share (a ½ bushel container, feeds 2 adults or 1 adult/2 children) and signing one of our CSA contracts (see attached link. Fig.1). The upfront fee "shares" in the risk if there is a crop failure and, conversely, "shares" in the benefits of a bountiful harvest. Hence the word "share". (Please call for costs, as fees vary from city to city and location to location):

    • Beginning about mid-June, we will begin delivering a regularly scheduled, weekly allotment of fresh, certified organic produce, locally, in Lebanon, and into NYC & Philadelphia.

    • See 'locations' for exact drop off locations.

    • i.e. Week 1 represents the first vegetables that come up for the season, including, but not limited to: Walla Walla onions, garlic scapes, sugar snap peas, strawberries, etc.

    • Week 2 consists of more of the previous week's selection, plus zucchini, beets, Romaine lettuce, etc.

    • Week 3 might add basil, kale, cucumbers, etc. The selection evolves over the summer and towards the end of the season, onions, peas, strawberries, etc., are replaced with fall/winter vegetables/fruit such as spinach, turnips, carrots, yams, pears, etc.

    • We also try and include recipes from friends, other CSA members, etc., so people who may have never tried a certain vegetable before, will have an easy-to-follow recipe to try something new if they so desire.

  • Vegetables consist of a cross-section of leafy greens peppers, tomatoes, carrots, etc. and is selected on a seasonal basis, i.e. what 'comes out of the ground' on that particular week.

  • Enjoy the benefits of the freshest, tastiest organic produce around!!

  • Contribute to the viability of America's family farms!

  • Be content with a choice that has made a difference with your support of organic growing, the organic food movement and the sustainability of your local food-shed.

NY CSA Pick-Up/Drop-Off Locations

  • New York Society for Ethical Culture (Manhattan - UWS)
  • 2 W 64th St & CPW
  • New York, NY 10025
  • (Pick up is every Wednesday from 1pm-7pm)
  • Runner & Stone Bakery (Brooklyn – Gowanus)
  • 285 3rd Ave (between President & Carroll St)
  • Brooklyn, NY 11215
  • (Pick up is every Wednesday from 3pm-7pm)
  • The Fresh Connection - Delivery Service
  • Our delivery partner is entering its 2nd year delivering BFO share boxes.
  • Delivery area is all over Manhattan (Tribeca/SoHo/West Village/Battery Park City/Upper East & West Side
  • Brooklyn (exact neighborhoods still TBD)

Philly Pick-Up/Drop-Off Locations

  • Philadelphia (City Center)
  • TBD
  • (Pick up is every Wednesday from 1pm-6pm)

Local CSA On-Farm Pick Up

  • Greystone Farm
  • 80 North Cornwall Road
  • Lebanon, PA 17042

Local CSA - Drop Off

  • Cedar Crest High School
  • 105 East Evergreen Road
  • Lebanon, PA 17042
  • Bayer Corporation - Myerstown Plant
  • 400 W Stoever Ave
  • Myerstown, PA 17067

Thank You!Your participation reflects your commitment to help grow and strengthen the local food network. Thank you for your understanding of the issue, and for your support of our program. Enjoy!