Our CSA Program

"As soon as (people) wake up to the beauty of well grown produce and the tastefulness of it. You will take more care with it because it's such gorgeous stuff, to treat it carelessly in the kitchen seems a crime. So you'll start cooking. And cooking real food is really the beginning of health and happiness around food. When you cook, you're not going to want to cook for yourself, you're going to want to cook for other people. So you're going to eat a meal with other people at a table. And that's the beginning of a real revolution in our culture." ~Michael Pollan, In Defense of Food


Community Supported Agriculture is the beginning of our food revolution. It's a give and take between the farmer and the consumer that's strengthened when consumers know the farmer who grows their food and understand the costs of supporting the farm. When the consumer also shares in the variability of the harvest; less when it's bad, the bounties when it's particularly fruitful, it fosters the understanding of how we are all connected.

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How long is the season?

The length of the season is 21-weeks, beginning in early June and continuing through late October.

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If we're going to collectively make a difference in the battle against global warming, we have to reduce our individual carbon footprint and it is going to begin with one individual and one farm at a time. Lois – BFO/CSA Member