Our Farming Practices

According to a recent report released by The Hartman Group, The Hartman Report on Sustainability: Understanding the Consumer Perspective, the term "sustainability" is not seen by consumers as simply 'saving the Earth.' "It is a multi-dimensional topic that encompasses the environment, the family, the community and even the economy of today's world. Especially as it relates to how farming and food production impact energy, the environment and our general health (since quality food production is the foundation of any civilization).

Many of the consumer values driving the interest in health and wellness stem from a foundation of sustainability. Sustainability, in a sense, is about preserving a certain condition or way of life; the ability to control one's surroundings.

We manage our sustainable vision using three well-established economic development principles:

  • Input Optimization – Using intensive grazing systems, recycled nutrients, legume nitrogen, crop rotations, renewable energy (solar/bio-fuels, etc. when possible) and improved management of pests (bio-strips), soils and woodlands, we believe these substituted resources maximize our returns. Studies have shown these substitutions can be made while maintaining yields and can increase net farm earnings.
  • Diversification – To develop healthy soils, reduce purchased inputs and broaden our potential market penetration, we continue to emphasize diverse cropping and livestock systems. Diversification can lead to more stable farm income by lowering economic risk from climate, pests, and fluctuating agricultural markets.
  • Conservation of Natural Capital – It is standard accounting practice to depreciate capital assets, although it has not been standard practice for farmers to depreciate natural capital depleted by conventional farming practices. Nevertheless, the loss is real, eventually affecting yields, farm profitability and sustainability. We will retain economic value by maintaining the productivity of the land and water resources and enhancing the environment within our purview.