Why Sustainable & Organic is Important

The dynamics of sustainability in American consumer culture will continue to change and evolve, just as dynamics behind so-called 'green' and 'environmental' markets have evolved. For those involved with speaking to consumers from a platform of sustainability, we feel it is important to reiterate that we are currently experiencing a significant cultural shift in which consumers will continue to adapt their behavior to align with companies, products, and services which they find to be relevant to their current lifestyle."

"Local has become a quality distinction marker for food consumption, as well as environmental causes. At their root, local products are believed by consumers to have traveled shorter distances, to be fresher, to have fewer pesticides and in general, to be of higher quality than mass-produced or imported products."

This sustainable, environmentally friendly and "holistic approach" to our farming practices will be integral to all facets of Bare Foot Organics' operation at Greystone Farm, at Landisdale Farm and at Spring Creek Farms. As a result, we will address a number of very important elements of our nation's National Food Policy Objectives including, but not limited to, positive environmental stewardship, economic viability and local health and food safety issues.